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What Is The Cost Of Living In Malta?

It’s hard not to move to a place where there are 300 days of sun. Let's break down the living costs in Malta and see if you can have good weather without breaking the bank.

Malta's cost of living is one of the most frequent questions we come across.

In short, the cost of living in Malta is affordable when you have a decent income. Let's have a look at the expenditures of a typical expat living in Malta.

Your cost of living comes down to 1.) things you want to do in Malta and 2.) location, location, location.

(Updated March 2023)

5 Basic Costs Of Living In Malta

1. Rent: €700-1000/month

2. Utilities - electricity, water, gas: €100-150/month

3. Mobile and internet: €20-30/month

4. Transport: €30/month

5. Food cost: €500-800/month


  • LOW €1400/month
  • HIGH €2000/month

Rent 🏘️

Sliema and St Julian's are the most expensive areas to live in. Some factors to consider:

  1. The high costs of rent and food.
  2. The neverending noise from the street and construction sites.

On the upside, you’re in the heart of Malta, where there is always something happening. If that's the kind of lifestyle you seek then Sliema or St Julian's are the places to go.

Anywhere else, you shouldn't pay more than €1000/month for a 2-bedroom apartment. The more secluded, the lower the rent. If you're after a slower life then Gozo is worth looking into. You find properties in Gozo for as low as €700/month.

You can always try to negotiate the rent in Malta.

Utilities - Electricity, Water, Gas 💡

Utilities are cheap in Malta. Hot summers need cooling and humid winters need heating, both using AC. With regular showers and normal use of the gas stove, your monthly utility bill shouldn't breach €150. This is roughly what you pay for 2 people.

The gas comes in cylinders for €30, one lasting for 3 months on average

Mobile + Internet 📱

Useful tip: no broadband is needed. It's worth looking into getting a mobile plan with unlimited data and using hotspots. There's no need for you to get a router and pay extra for the internet.

A €30/month mobile data plan gives you fast and unlimited internet everywhere in Malta. We recommend that you check out and compare different offers.

Transport 🚌

Good news! Public transport in Malta is free. But like with many things in life, free doesn’t mean quality. The buses rarely run on schedule.

Also, due to poor planning of the road network, rides take longer than expected.

Using services such as Bolt or eCabs is costly, and you're often stuck in traffic. Taxi costs are even higher.

Food 🛒

Dining out in Malta can get expensive. With plenty of restaurants on the island, it’s usually worth the price. Estimate that the cost of eating out in Malta for 2 people once a week is about €350-500/month. We listed some of out most favorite places here.

The cost of groceries in Malta is low. For those of you who love cooking, don't spend more than €500-800/month on food shopping.

That doesn't include takeaways, which you can order using Bolt Food.

Tip for Solo Travelers 🎒

Flat sharing in Malta became increasingly popular in the last few years. There is a special rental agreement for that too.

Everyday life in Malta is affordable compared to many other countries in the EU.

The average cost of living in Malta is €1700, and with some upgrades, the expenditure shouldn't go over €2000/month.

Upgrades to consider:

  • 10 rides with eCabs / Bolt (based on €15/25min ride): €150/month
  • Dining out once a week: €300/month
  • Gym membership: €65/month

An excellent standard of living is affordable. The prices are going up, but they are still reasonable. With a decent salary, it's likely that you to end up with more disposable income.

And what is your burn rate in Malta? Let us know! 😊

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Is English widely spoken in Malta?

Yes. Both Maltese and English are the official languages of Malta.

What is the currency used in Malta?

The Euro (€) is used in Malta.

What are tipping customs in Malta?

Yes. If the service has been good (and the service charge isn’t included) then you should always tip. You can not go wrong with the 10% rule.

What is a good salary in Malta?

2,000 euros a month should cover your basic needs. You should opt to make at least €2000/month to live comfortably in Malta.

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