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What Are The Best Online Grocery Stores in Malta?

Looking for the best places to shop for groceries? You don’t have time to go food shopping? Are there any online supermarkets on the island? Seek no further!

Malta has a good number of supermarkets and plenty of one-stop grocery stores. Let’s see what the top pics for online food supermarkets in Malta are.

1. Mgarr Farms

2. Scotts

  • Delivery cost: €5 / FREE for orders over €50

3. Wellbees

4. Pavi

5. Greens

6. Smart

There are many more supermarkets in Malta, but not all have options for online shopping or home delivery. With Malta’s busy traffic, you might want to save up some time and have your groceries organized for you.

Apart from basic groceries, most shops provide local produce.

These come at a lower price and better quality. Make sure to look out for these!

What produce is grown in Malta?

Potatoes, tomatoes, and fruit (citrus and drupes, especially olives and grape vines) are produced in Malta.

Look out for prickly pears too!

As we discussed in the cost of living in Malta, food prices are going up but with a good income, it's affordable.

Do you shop anywhere else? Which one is your favorite? Let us know! 😊

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What is the main supermarket in Malta?

Lidl Malta Ltd was named the most popular supermarket in Malta in 2021 and 2022.1 They're famous for their 'Big on Quality, Lidl On Price'. With fewer suppliers for their business, Lidl can get items in bulk for their orders, and then sell them at lower prices.

You can't order online but there are 9 Lidl stores in Malta.

1 "Lidl named Malta’s most popular supermarket of 2021 and 2022",

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