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8 Most Unique Things To Do in Malta On Your Day Off

It’s your day off. You’ve done all the tourist attractions in Valletta. Now you crave a little bit more adventure and something unique out of your island experience.

But where to go to find all those gems? Where are all the best places to go in Malta?

We’ve been there many times before, having a full day off but nothing special to do. That’s why we created the ultimate day trip for you with some best places to visit in Malta.

8 Best Things To Do in Malta On Your Day Off

  1. 8:30 AM Ta’Doni Breakfast: Sandwich + Coffee 🥪
  2. 9:30 AM Mdina: The Silent City Walk 📸
  3. 11 AM Dingli Cliffs Walk 🌊
  4. 2 PM Lebanese Kebab at Kebab Ji in Sliema 🥙
  5. 3 PM Chill at Sliema beach 🏖️
  6. 6 PM Sunset + Apéro at Exiles 🌅
  7. 7:30 PM Dinner at Peperoncino or Peppino’s in San Julian’s 🍝
  8. (Optional) Nightcap at any of the pubs listed here. 🍸

The list has movinmalta’s most favourite places and some real gems for you to explore. Plenty of places to eat, sightsee, and just chill. You don’t have to do it all in one day, but it’s totally doable.

❗️ Important things to note ❗️

🚙 CAR: In the list, we estimated travel times for a car / Bolt drive - most efficient. It can be done on the bus too, which has become free in Malta recently.

🚍 BUS: Mdina - Dingli is a short 25min drive for a bus, which come often. Keep in mind that Dingli - Sliema might take you 1.5h and the buses are rare.

🛴 BOLT SCOOTERS: They’re the best form of transport between Sliema - San Julian’s. They’re cheap and fun! Don’t bother with a car in those cities, especially during rush hours (4-7 pm).

Which day is the weekend in Malta?

Just as in the majority of countries in the world Saturday and Sunday are the weekends. Having said that, a lot of business in Malta is also closed Mondays.

What are the office and shop hours in Malta?

Office hours in Malta are 8 am -5 pm. Shops in Malta are open from 8 am - 1 pm, and then from 4 pm - 7 pm.

⚠️ Disclaimer

The list is based on movinmalta’s team's personal preference of how to spend their outside. On a rainy day in Malta, movinmalta team likes to indulge in some serious gaming sessions, binging a good series, or try out new culinary recipes.

Ahoy adventure! 😁

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