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Starting a Business in Malta for USA & UK Nationals

Malta, with its strategic location and business-friendly environment, has become a hotspot for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Especially for those from the USA and UK, the island offers a unique blend of opportunities.

💸 Funding and Financial Incentives

Malta offers various financial incentives for startups:

  • Access to EU funds and grants, for areas such as research and development, green energy initiatives, or digital transformation can receive the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the European Social Fund (ESF).
  • Tax incentives for foreign businesses where the tax paid by the company is fully credited to the shareholders. Also, there are tax refund schemes where shareholders can claim back a significant portion of the tax paid by the company upon dividend distributions.
  • Local government schemes to support startups, such as financial assistance, mentorship programs, and training opportunities. Malta Enterprise, for example, offers schemes like MicroInvest, which provides tax credits to small enterprises and self-employed individuals for specific investments.

📑 Resources for Entrepreneurs

Starting a business in a new country requires a plethora of resources:

  • Government Agencies: The Malta Enterprise offers guidance on registrations and licenses.
  • Business Associations: The Malta Chamber of SMEs is a great place to start networking.
  • Reading Material: Publications like the Malta Business Weekly keep you updated on business news and trends.

💪 Key Challenges and Solutions

Starting a business abroad comes with its set of challenges.

Malta is another ballpark:

  • Cultural Differences: Understand Maltese business etiquette, there are a few business etiquette experts on the island.
  • Local Bureaucracy: We help to pick the best business setup and give key tips on setting up a business in Malta, but always seek local expertise to navigate through local regulations.
  • Building a Network: Attend virtually or in-person local business events like Malta Business Network.

While starting a business in Malta might seem daunting, the rewards are worth the effort.

With its pro-business policies and strategic location, Malta is the perfect launchpad for your entrepreneurial journey.

Good luck, and feel free to reach out with any questions!

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