Make Friends in Malta

The Quickest Way To Make Friends in Malta

We discussed that visiting local pubs and bars is one way to meet friends in Malta. But what about someone who doesn't enjoy going out too much?

The good news is that the following approach takes a few minutes and can be done from anywhere. The quickest way to make friends in Malta is to join Facebook.

4 Best Facebook Groups to Find Friends in Malta

Expats in Malta

This group is for expatriates/immigrants living in Malta to share advice and their honest experiences, both good and bad, from the time they have spent here.

Meet Up Malta

You can add any events you are hosting, and you search for some companies and see if anyone wants to meet up. You’ll find a variety of events, courses, and other things to do.

Yoga Malta

This a group for those who practice yoga in Malta, or would just like to find out more! They also share interesting facts about yoga, its benefits, and related articles.


Group created for sports communities such as hiking, cycling, climbing, abseiling, fishing, snorkeling, etc. It’s for expats residing in Malta but is open to everyone.

Make Friends in Malta

How do I socialize in Malta?

Facebook groups are a great place to start. You can start with: “Hey, I’m new to the island, does anyone fancy meeting up?” You can add a couple of lines about yourself but don’t overwhelm the entire story of you.

All posts get a lot of responses - 99% of them are positive, but there are times when you can come across a troll. Remember to stay safe when meeting up and arrange meetings in public places. Malta is generally very safe, but a little precaution never hurt anyone.

Making new friends is easy on social media. Meeting people in pubs is one thing, but social media is a whole other world!

Good luck 🤞

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