Making the Move: Your Checklist for Relocating to Malta

Planning to relocate to the beautiful island of Malta? Exciting times ahead! But, we understand that the process can be overwhelming. We've created the ultimate checklist for your relocation to Malta.

Here it is:

movinmalta's checklist for relocation to Malta

1. Initial research:

2. Visa and Residency

  • 📑 Explore the types of residency if you intend to stay long-term (Ordinary, Permanent, Long Term)
  • 🛂 Check whether you need a visa (EU/EEA/Swiss citizens don't need one)

3. Health and Insurance and banking:

4. Accommodation and utilities:

5. Employment and Business:

6. Education:

  • 📚 Research schools or universities if you or your family members are studying
  • 📝 Begin the school enrollment process

7. Moving Services:

  • 🚛 Research and hire a moving company (if applicable - we recommend traveling lightweight, as most houses are already fully furnished)
  • 📦 Sort and pack your belongings (arrange for storage if necessary)

8. Driving and Transportation:

9. Pets (if applicable):

  • 🐱 Check regulations for bringing pets to Malta
  • 🧑‍⚕️ Schedule a vet visit and ensure your pets are vaccinated and microchipped

10. Social and Leisure:

Remember that the requirements may change and they're all individual - we all have different needs. As always if you need anything, feel free to ask!

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