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Everything You Need To Know About Malta's Free Public Transport

The day has finally come - free public transport in Malta for all Malta residents! Owners of Tallinja card can travel for free.

We teased in How To Get Around Malta that Malta’s public transport is going to be free.

As of October 1st, 2022 all those who own a Tallinja Card are able to use Day Routes, Night Routes, and Special Services offered by Malta Public Transport.

What is Tallinja card? 💳

The Tallinja card is a smart card designed to make it easy for you to travel around Malta by bus. You tap the card on the reader placed near the bus driver. You must touch the reader with your card even if the rides are free.

Where to buy Tallinja card? 📍

Following the online registration, which is extremely easy and straightforward, they deliver your card within 2 weeks. You can use this link to register for your free Tallinja card.

What documents do you need to get Tallinja card? 📑

You need to upload a photo of yourself and a copy of your identity document. This can be either a passport or an identity card. There is a registration fee of €15, which includes postage charges.

Where else can I use Tallinja card? ⛴

You can use Tallinja card to get a discounted (not free) rate at:

  • Valletta Ferry Services
  • Barrakka Lift
  • Tallinja Bike

Please keep in mind that Tallinja card doesn't apply to Tallinja Direct (TD) Routes, which offer quicker connections between popular cities. They are not free and there is a fare depending on the type and length of your journey. You can still use the service, but for that, you need to top up your Tallinja card’s balance. You can view the list of routes here.

How to top up Tallinja card? 🔝

You can top up credit for TD Routes service using:

Happy cruising everyone! Let us know if you have any other questions regarding Malta’s transportation services.

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