Internet Provider in Malta

Internet Provider in Malta: But Which One?

Having a steady, fixed internet connection everywhere in Malta is something most of us require, and for some, it’s even their bread and butter.

There are 3 main internet providers in Malta. Always check which provider is available in your area.

1. Epic (Most reliable)

  • Ultra high-speed fibre at 2000Mbps in some areas
  • 4G wireless internet for home
  • Starting from €30/month
  • Download speed up to 30 Mbps and upload up to 15 Mbps

2. GO

  • 4 different options ranging: from 35 Mbps - 1000 Mbps
  • High-speed fibre optic broadband when in 1000 Mbps area
  • 4G service with up to 200 Mbps
  • Free installation

3. Melita (Most accessible)

  • High-speed fibre optic broadband when in 1000 Mbps area
  • Melita Wi-FI: fixed internet service, free to its customers
  • 4 different packages ranging: from €20 - €40.
  • Installation fees: €25 (1-year contract) €75 (monthly contract).

Epic, GO and Melita are the best internet providers in Malta. Keep in mind that they offer great mobile and TV services, so check them out too.

As we mentioned before, you can get away with a mobile plan, without having to worry about broadband. We recommend looking into Vodafone as it’s the fastest 4G network.

Make sure the get the best value for your money. Make the right choice and stay connected.

Does Malta have good internet?

Yes. Malta has a download speed of 30Mbps on average. For standard broadband at home, this is a good speed to let you do anything you have to do.

Once you set up your account, give it at least a few days for installation. When you visit a store in Malta, make sure to have:

  • Passport or residence card
  • Proof of residence
  • Landlord’s permission
  • be at least 18 years of age 😉

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