Healthcare System in Malta

Healthcare System in Malta & Best Health Insurance Options for Expats

The healthcare system in Malta is one of the best public-financed healthcare systems in the world. Medical services can be categorised as private and public.

The type of service you should obtain depends on the length of your stay in Malta.

Update July 2023.

List of 5 Best Expat Health Insurances

  1. William Russell
  2. Cigna
  3. Allianz
  4. GeoBlue
  5. Bupa Global

Healthcare System in Malta & Options for Expats

The public health system is available to Maltese citizens and long-term residents free of charge (it’s part of the tax). Expats can also seek a basic private insurance option or a mix of both.

When employed or self-employed, you pay social insurance and social security. In case you’re not contributing to these schemes, you need to get private health insurance.

You can also use a standard pay-as-you-go system for medical bills.

Short-term stay in Malta (>3 months)

When planning to stay in Malta for more than 3 months, you must register as a resident. We recommend getting international health insurance rather than a local health plan. You can access hospitals and doctors both locally and globally.

To apply for a residency permit check out our blog post about Maltese residencies.

It’s worth doing some research first to find the best-suited option for you and your residency.

Long-term stay in Malta (<3 months)

When traveling to Malta for a shorter period as an expat or a traveler, you have to secure private health insurance. Unless you’re eligible for either:

  • Reciprocal Health Agreements

Malta has a special agreement with the UK and Australia. Citizens visiting the country for less than 1 month are entitled to free medical and hospital care.

  • European Health Insurence Card (EHIC)

European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) is accepted in Malta. However, there are some restrictions depending on which EU country you’re a citizen of. They vary according to the duration of your stay in Malta and the medical coverage you’re entitled to receive.

How much is private health insurance in Malta?

Prices range between:

  • €160 to €250 per year for the entry-level,
  • €250 to €450 for the premium,
  • +€800 for the international.

What is the emergency number for Malta?


What is the main hospital in Malta?

The Mater Dei Hospital (MDH) in Msida

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