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Best Coworking and Office Spaces in Malta

Do you need a furnished office space with a flexible contract to improve your productivity?

We mentioned in Tips on Setting Up Your Remote Home Office, a good office space can make or break your day!

As a digital nomad it’s important to find your place for productivity, and sharing office space in Malta can be challenging.

We’ve got the solution.

Private office spaces where you can maximize your productivity, and a coworking space, where you can collaborate with your team and network with others.

5 Types of private serviced office space you can find in Malta 🖥️

  1. Dedicated single desk / hot desk
  2. Office space for 2 people
  3. Bigger Office for +4 people
  4. Large Bigger Office for +8 people
  5. Giant Office Space for +18 people

Should I get a private serviced office? 👨‍💻

It’s a great solution for :

  • private practitioners,
  • freelancers,
  • micro and small-sized businesses.

It’s also a place for networking opportunities and a perfect setup for meetings with your clients.

What do these private serviced offices include? ☕️

Flexible contracts: 3, 6, or 12 months with no long-term commitment, with a chance of upgrading and downgrading when needed.

You also get access to private meeting rooms and call booths, with all amenities, snacks, and drinks included.

Renting vs. buying an office space 💰

Renting is a more affordable and much simpler option.

Buying an office space gives you extra hassle regarding maintenance and administration.

Renting an office with an available coworking space is a better solution for the types of offices mentioned above.

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