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10 Random Facts And Info About Malta

Like every country in the world, despite its size Malta equally has a rich history of ways and traditions. We selected the most important ones that you should know.

10 Things You Should Know Before Moving to Malta

  1. 🏝️ Malta is an archipelago of three islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The largest island is called Malta and the other two are Gozo and Comino.
  2. 🏛️ Malta has a rich history dating back to ancient times. It's been ruled by a number of different empires: the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, and the British.
  3. 🗣️ The official language of Malta is Maltese, which is a Semitic language that is related to Arabic and Hebrew. English is also spoken in Malta, and it's a compulsory subject in schools.
  4. 🍲 The national dish of Malta is rabbit stew, which is made with rabbit meat, garlic, red wine, herbs and spices.
  5. ⛪️ Malta is a predominantly Catholic country, and it plays a central role in the Maltese culture. The feast of St. Paul's in June is a national holiday that is celebrated with parades, fireworks, and festivities.
  6. ☀️ Malta has a Mediterranean climate, with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The average temperature in Malta is 23°C (73°F), and the island receives about 3,000 hours of sunshine every year.
  7. 💶 The currency of Malta is the euro, adopted in 2008 when Malta joined the European Union.
  8. 📍 The capital city of Malta is Valletta, located on the east coast of the island. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is known for its beautiful architecture and rich history.
  9. 🏖️ Malta is a popular tourist destination, with millions of visitors coming to the island each year. The main attractions in Malta include its beaches, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife.
  10. 🎊 Malta has a number of unique traditions and customs, such as the "festa" - a community festival that is held in honor of a patron saint. There are 60 village festas in Malta each year, starting from May to September. These festivals typically feature processions, music, food, and fireworks - a lot of fireworks.

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